Our responsibility in the workplace

Learning and development

In order to encourage the continuous development of all employees, the company’s group targets are deployed into team and personal targets for everyone. Bekaert’s performance management system enables the evaluation of teams and individuals in relation to the set targets, as well as in relation to their way of working.

Bekaert’s leadership compass serves as a guide for leadership behavior: it combines the corporate values of integrity, trust and resilience and working in a better together spirit with accountability and leading by example.


Bekaert attaches great importance to offering continuous learning and development opportunities to its employees. Such programs not only include technical and function-specific training, but also leadership modules that help our people develop and cooperate in a global business environment.

In 2013, we continued ‘the Bekaert Leadership Journey’, a worldwide management development program that was launched in 2010. We proceeded with the worldwide roll-out of the second module which focuses on ‘leading with others’ and which emphasizes true cooperation towards achieving our company objectives and common aspiration.

Employee related data

  • On average 33 hours of training per employee
  • Percentage of employees who received a performance review:

% of population    Managers    White collars    Blue collars 
Covered in a performance management system    100   100   88
With link between performance & base pay   100   96   60
With link between performance & variable bonus   100   85   85

Safety data

Fatal accident

We were confronted, in July 2013, with a fatal accident in Slovakia. Bekaert’s top management and employees sincerely regret the loss of their colleague. A thorough investigation was conducted to ensure that all necessary precautions are put in place to prevent any further casualties at the workplace.

Renewed safety dynamics

Safety has always been a key priority at Bekaert. To keep safety top of mind, we implemented an update to our internal safety model, the Safety Tree. Based on a renewed safety aspiration, profound risk management, an interdependent safety culture, improved monitoring & management systems and continued best practice sharing, our improved safety model created renewed dynamics for safety. The fatal accident in 2013 shocked the Bekaert community and raised safety awareness at all of our locations around the world.

Measuring and improving safety

The Bekaert safety policy is deployed through the Safety Tree model and monitored via the Bekaert Safety Evaluation System (BEKSES). In 2013, regular BEKSES audits (based on OHSAS 18001) were carried out in a substantial number of plants. In other plants, an action plan based on the 2012 audits was implemented.

Care for health

Because we attach great importance to a healthy working environment, we continued to invest in automated handling equipment and other workplace ergonomics in 2013. We also formulated a vitality program, which will be implemented in the course of 2014.

International Health and Safety Day

In September 2013, Bekaert organized its sixth International Health and Safety Day. This year’s edition focused on hand & finger safety. Safety guidelines were provided and safety audits were performed. By organizing the International Health and Safety Day each year, Bekaert’s top management and all management teams reconfirm that the safety and health of all Bekaert employees around the world is and remains one of the company’s main priorities.

Safety related data

Repeatability Index = Number of lost time accidents (LTA) per million worked hours.


Severity Index = Number of lost days due to occupational accidents per thousand worked hours.

Safety champions in consolidated plants

number of years without LTA
  >=7 years  >= 6 years  >=4 years   >= 3 years  >= 2 years
 N° of plants  2  2  4  8  6
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