Bekaert Group Executive


Compostion as at 31 December 2013:
Standing, left to right: Dominique Neerinck - Bart Wille - Bruno Humblet - Curd Vandekerckhove
Seated, left to right: Henri-Jean Velge - Bert De Graeve - Matthew Taylor - Frank Vromant

The Bekaert Group Executive assumes the operational responsibility for the company’s activities. The executive management – chaired by the Chief Executive Officer – consisted of eight members as at 31 December 2013. The Bekaert Group Executive acts under the supervision of the Board of Directors. As of mid May 2014, Matthew Taylor will become CEO of Bekaert. Bert De Graeve will then become Chairman of the Board of Directors in succession of Baron Buysse.

Note: The composition of the BGE will change in 2014. Information is available in the Chapter on Corporate Governance at page 33.

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