Financial Review

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Consolidated financial statements

  • Consolidated income statement
  • Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
  • Consolidated balance sheet
  • Consolidated statement of changes in equity
  • Consolidated cash flow statement


Notes to the consolidated financial statements

1.  General information

2.  Summary of principal accounting policies

2.1.  Statement of compliance

2.2.  General principles

  • Basis of preparation
  • Principles of consolidation
  • Foreign currency translation

2.3.  Balance sheet items

  • Intangible assets
  • Goodwill and business combinations
  • Property, plant and equipment
  • Leases
  • Government grants
  • Financial assets
  • Inventories
  • Share capital
  • Non-controlling interests
  • Provisions
  • Employee benefit obligations
  • Interest-bearing debt
  • Trade payables and other current liabilities
  • Income taxes
  • Derivatives, hedging and hedging reserves
  • Impairment of assets

2.4.  Income statement items

  • Revenue recognition
  • Non-recurring items

2.5.  Statement of comprehensive income and statement of changes in equity

2.6.  Miscellaneous

  • Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations
  • Contingencies
  • Events after the balance sheet date


3.  Critical accounting judgments and key sources of estimation uncertainty

3.1.  Critical judgments in applying the entity’s accounting policies

3.2.  Key sources of estimation uncertainty


4. Segment reporting


5.  Income statement items and other comprehensive income

5.1.  Operating result (EBIT) by function

5.2.  Operating result (EBIT) by nature

5.3.  Interest income and expense

5.4.  Other financial income and expenses

5.5.  Income taxes

5.6.  Share in the results of joint ventures and associates

5.7.  Earnings per share


6.  Balance sheet items

6.1.  Intangible assets

6.2.  Goodwill

6.3.  Property, plant and equipment

6.4.  Investments in joint ventures and associates

6.5.  Other non-current assets

6.6.  Deferred tax assets and liabilities

6.7.  Operating working capital

6.8.  Other receivables

6.9.  Other current assets

6.10. Assets classified as held for sale and liabilities associated with those assets

6.11.  Ordinary shares, treasury shares, subscription rights and share options

6.12.  Retained earnings and other Group reserves

6.13.  Non-controlling interests

6.14.  Employee benefit obligations

6.15. Provisions

6.16.  Interest-bearing debt

6.17.  Other non-current liabilities

6.18.  Other current liabilities


7.  Miscellaneous items

7.1.  Notes to the cash flow statement

7.2.  Effect business disposals

7.3.  Financial risk management and financial derivatives

7.4.  Off-balance-sheet commitments

7.5.  Related parties

7.6.  Events after the balance sheet date

7.7.  Services provided by the statutory auditor and related persons

7.8.  Subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates

7.9   Restatement effects


Parent company information   
  • Annual report of the Board of Directors and financial statements of NV Bekaert SA
  • Proposed appropriation of NV Bekaert SA 2013 result
  • Appointment pursuant to the Articles of Association


Auditor’s report




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